photo cred:  bjorn lindell

photo cred: bjorn lindell

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Camden Leigh is a sucker for first kisses, first hook-ups and anything that adds the unforgettable first sparks of love–humor, seduction, hot-n-sexy bods, angsty determination...what have you! Her stories expose the real dirt, grime and grit that befalls a seemingly perfect relationship, the heartache as a result, and the growth, perseverance and strength it takes to make flaws work for her characters. She wants her characters to experience love that wraps arounds their hearts, turns them into sizzling flames and results in a grand finale of fireworks.

When Camden isn’t writing, she’s either crafting, flicking through images of gorgeous paper, saturated palettes, lip-lickin' washboard abs. When feeling guilty, she attempts to keep up with her energetic kiddos by beach combing, kayaking, golfing (can it really be called golfing if a seven-year-old beats you?) or being that crazy person at a concert. Her addictions: chocolate covered raspberries, real southern sweet tea (not the fake stuff with the sugar crystals hanging out in the bottom of the cup), her pups and pretty paper she’ll never use.

I'm a member of RWAContemporary Romance Writers and Passionate Ink.

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five fun (or weird…take your pick) facts about me:

1) I survived a hurricane, a Nor’ Easter and a Blizzard my first year living in New England. The trifecta of wet and cold!

2) Southern Favorites: boiled peanuts, sweet tea, pimento cheese, grits, sweet southern accents, hearing y’all, fried okra…  And now I’m hungry.

3) The scene in ‘Wanderlust’ with Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston in the truth circle, is sooooooo me. I have lots of ‘flight and fancies’–too many to list, but my passion for writing stuck. 

4) I run an etsy store with my mother and love to sew (and paint, and build things, and cook, and garden (I suck at that last one)). 

5) I LOVE pretty things… paper, fabric, gardens, beaches, storms, the sound of cracking acorns in the fall, countrysides, fields of cotton, spanish moss hanging from trees in the Lowcountry and animals. My personal crack: BLUE EYES!

6) BONUS: I can’t live without raspberries smothered in Magic Shell. Like, really… I won’t survive without it! And while I’m talking about survival… I can’t survive without my incredible critique partner, Renita Pizzitola. She’s amazing!!!

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