The Evolution Series :: LOVE ME CRAZY :: Behind the Scenes

Typically, my first draft is the foundation for my story. The facts, figures, characters and scenes may change a bit, but the underlying story stays the same. For LOVE ME CRAZY this was not the case. My first draft told a much different—and darker—story. And as editing goes, scenes get rewritten, cut and bulked as needed.

With that in mind, I give you the Evolution Series for LOVE ME CRAZY—a ten-part series I'll release over the next ten weeks. I'll be posting a new tidbit or fact about what went in to writing LOVE ME CRAZY. The ideas, the characters and even cut scenes are brought into the limelight...if only for a single post. Every week, one of the photo links below will be made LIVE and will take you to the newest "behind the scenes" fact. 




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