The Evolution Series :: LOVE ME CRAZY :: Part 2 (of 10)

Photo Credit:  A Generous Tip

Photo Credit: A Generous Tip

Quinn wasn't who you think.

Yup! In the very first completed draft, Quinn was a NYC billionaire going home for his twin sister's wedding and needed a date. For him, hiring an escort seemed the easiest way to make it through a week with his (large) family. Originally, the characters were older and Cassidy's roommate Lillian was the intended escort-for-hire. The escort's job was to be a buffer between Quinn and his family since he hadn't remained on speaking terms with any of them, but felt an obligation to return and walk his sister down the aisle. Lillian thought it would be grand to send Cassidy in her place…since she was out of a job, needed the money and (according to Lillian) needed to get laid. Totally different story, huh?  What remained from that initial storyline was "northern city girl dropped into a small southern town" and the snark of Mrs. Covington.

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Next week, we talk vintage...



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