The Evolution Series :: LOVE ME CRAZY :: Part 3 (of 10)



Why does Quinn return home? For a kelly green vintage Ford truck. Why else?

If I put anything other than a Ford truck in its place, my dad might disown me! That's only one of the reasons I used the green truck to prompt Quinn's return to the plantation. I have a soft spot for classic cars (and trucks). As a daddy's girl and only child, I attended plenty of car shows. Plus, I grew up riding in an old Ford pickup. It was blue, had plastic covering the seats, and seatbelt were optional. I remember standing in the middle as my dad drove down the main street in our small SC town, teaching me to spell my name. It's strange what memories something like a truck can evoke, so why not call forth the same feels for my character? His attachment to the truck isn't meshed out in the story, but I imagine many days of him riding in the truck with his father, learning to drive it across the plantation, maybe kissing a girl for the first time, taking his driving test...losing his virginity.

When my husband and I bought our current house, there was an option to buy an old Ford truck. Green! My favorite color. I could kick myself for not grabbing it, but, hey, that vintage green truck will live on in Love Me Crazy and will always be a reminder of the times I shared with my dad.

Next week, the setting... 


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