The Evolution Series :: LOVE ME CRAZY :: Part 4 (of 10)

PHOTO CREDIT:  G.Moskowitz


Charleston, South Carolina and "romantic" are interchangeable.

"Smiling Faces. Beautiful Places."  The slogan of South Carolina couldn't be more fitting for the state, or for the setting of Love Me Crazy. If you aren't familiar with Charleston, visit my pinterest page for a gallery of images. If you are familiar with the Lowcountry, then you'll know straight away how the painted houses, wrought iron fences, charm and the slow rhythms of the city evoke a certain ambiance that makes you smile, makes you slow down, and makes you appreciate the rich history Charleston offers. The city has its own heartbeat, and the slowness trickles out beyond the city to include cypress swamps, endless hayfields and plantations rich in history.

This is also the city where my husband proposed. I'd like to say it was a picturesque proposal, but I was like, give me that ring! We were both shaking (me,excited; him, probably scared shitless) and I thought the ring was going to fall through the cracks in the pier just off the Battery. Never to be seen again. My heart about leaped from my chest when I looked down, saw the ring, registered the question, then saw the gray-green waves beneath the pier. I said yes quickly and prayed when he slipped on the ring, it wouldn't fall.

With all that in mind, Charleston seemed the obvious choice for Love Me Crazy. Why shouldn't Quinn and Cassidy start a new chapter of their lives in the same city that started my forever? Visit my Pinterest page and view reference images for the Covington Plantation, the surrounding area, the Victorian-themed ballCassidy and Quinn's closets and the wedding details.

Next week...check back in to read about my choice of wording and certain phrases you won't hear above the Mason-Dixon line.


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