The Evolution Series :: LOVE ME CRAZY :: Part 5 (of 10)

PHOTO CREDIT:  District 17

PHOTO CREDIT: District 17

"Y'all" is proper grammar in the South

I must use the word "y'all" over fifty times a day... "Y'all hurry up and get ready for school." "All y'all better stop before y'all get in trouble." "Are y'all serious?" However, I limited the word in Love Me Crazy as it appears a small sixteen times. Sure, I could've used it on every page...especially when Quinn or one of the Covingtons were in conversation, but not everyone uses the word and too much of a good thing, is a bad thing. I know if I had to hear/read/digest "you guys" or "yous guyses" (yes, people actually say that up here in New England) in excess, I'd throw my kindle across the room and pull my hair out. Must be why I can't sit through a mob movie....hmmmm.

Anyways, I will say, when I do hear y'all I get all giddy, smile so big my cheeks turn into ripe peaches in July, and beg to hug y'all who said it. 



Next week... getting dirty with research.



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