Love Me Crazy; Love My Dream Cast

Before I lay one finger on my keyboard, my characters have formed in my head. I know how they look, how they move, how they talk, but that's the easy part. Developing them into likable and—when necessary—unlikeable characters comes later. But for now, enjoy my dream cast...


Quinn describes Cassidy: 

    A slow breath escapes and I pop my lips together to hide my surprise. What I’d mistaken for a soft tan isn’t a tan at all, but a mass of freckles. Forehead, cheeks, nose, eyelids, shoulders . . . like a bucket of burned-out stars tipped over and sprinkled across her skin. Beautiful. But her eyes take the fucking cake. Green. Gorgeous. Full. And surrounded by sexy black smudges like she’d just rolled out of my bed.

Cassidy describes Quinn: 

    Quinn, shirt off, is more dazzling than I imagined—and fuel for my dreams tonight. Tight lines dissect his rather perfect abs into six strokeable packs. Tan, lean muscles pulse in his arms as he brandishes an ax over his head and brings it down into the wood with a thud. Damn. That completely turns me on. I inch closer to the glass for a better view.
His tattoos are on full display. The vine isn’t just a vine, but achingly beautiful barbed wire, as if a country fence wrestled a rose bush, making it feminine and masculine at the same time. He raises his arms again, hovering the ax before slicing it through the air to split another log. Over his heart is a mass of tangled thorns and wire. They strangle his heart and look like they could prevent it from pumping at any second.

Cassidy describes Mrs. Covington: 

    I’d assigned my new boss a ringtone to match her surplus of emotions that so far have ranged from slightly deranged to terrifyingly psycho. The witch’s shriek claws up my spine, sends chills racing across my skin. The kind you get when you scuffle through a haunted house and your friend deserts you to race to the end. The dark and alone kind of I’m-going-to-die fear. And I just might if I don’t answer.

For the rest, you have sweet, thoughtful Ellie, Quinn’s twin, who’s more of a lover than a fighter. 

Kat is their younger sister who holds a world of hate in her heart. After Quinn left, she learned to rely on no one but herself…and Wes, the boy who lives across the street and wishes Kat was more than “just a friend.”

Kat’s description of Annabeth to Cassidy: 

    Quinn’s ex. Insatiable appetite for status. Not above using her wealth to get ahead or to put others in their place . . . or the place she thinks they should be in.

Cassidy spends a good bit of her time running Ellie’s multiple selections for gowns to the seamstress—who she’s quite positive works solely for the demanding Mrs. Covington and her daughters. The dress Ellie chose works with the Victorian theme she loved. Cassidy suggested the Covington Indigo-dyed sash. The bridesmaids dresses were made of silk and, of course, done at the last minute. The groomsmen (hot, hot, hawt) wore simple vests, matching suit pants and indigo ties. Imagine Quinn donning the below...(yum). And then there was the cake...indigo inside for added surprise. Be sure to visit my Pinterest page for more inspirational photos for Love Me Crazy.

Ellie Covington chose a thematic ball for one of the wedding parties. Being from the South, she wanted an old-world feel, huge ball gowns, gentlemanly manners, carriages and dance cards. Thus, a Victorian-themed party was born, much to Cassidy’s dismay. Dancing isn’t her strong suit.

The Covington’s live on an indigo plantation in coastal South Carolina. On the way to pick up fabric for the bride’s one-billionth selection for bridesmaids dresses, Cassidy learns a little to intimately just how blue indigo can be. I’ve shared part of the scene below because I happened across this photograph on Pinterest and it shows exactly what I’d picture Cassidy’s hair to look like after her indigo dye mishap.



Want more gorgeous photos and inspirations for LOVE ME CRAZY? Be sure to visit my Pinterest page for Love Me Crazy.


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