announcement: I'm getting published!

I’m ecstatic to announce I’ve accepted an offer with Bloomsbury Spark. My contemporary romance LOVE ME CRAZY will be published Summer 2016, just in time to sizzle your summer!

Here's the screenshot from Publishers Marketplace!!!

camden leigh bloomsbury spark publishers marketplace new adult romance

To read about my offer and how it affected an otherwise normal day :) keep scrolling...

My Story...

The day started off like any other. Busy! I had kids to get out the door, dinner to plan, myself to fuel (coffee, chai, coffee) and an important photoshoot to organize.

Several hours into the shoot, my phone buzzed. When I saw the words “We have an offer!” I about peed my pants. 


Seriously! I almost dropped the vase I was carrying. The words at the top of the email sent me circling in the middle of the room.

Holy crap, an offer! ME!!! I got an offer!

My awesome agent Jessica Sinsheimer must have foreshadowed my inability to function properly because she supplied directions: “Call me when you have a moment :)” but I couldn’t even process that. 

With my heart beating at time-warp speed and my mind empty of thought (and my hands shaking like I was hopped up on Skittles and caffeine) I got back to the photoshoot, but I was worthless...and lucky it was almost over. Once we wrapped up and I had a minute of quiet, I snuck off to my car and reread the email. What if I was just suffering from lack of sleep and had hallucinated the whole thing? It’s quite possible!

But there they were! Beautiful words I’ve waited to hear for a long time. I texted my husband the good news then called Jessica.

Our conversation was short and sweet...very sweet, about what happens next. Considering I write thousands of words a day, I could barely form a sentence and just blubbered my way through, ums and okays and ohmigod, this is happening. So I did this instead...

If you’ve gone through this already, then you know how long it takes to from getting the BEST NEWS EVER to announcing the deal. Not weeks, but months. If you have yet to go through this, let me break it down.

In a nutshell, this...

Seriously, there’s paperwork, negotiating, waiting...lots of waiting.

And then you get another email...the contract is here! And you have to read, understand, consider (if you have an agent, they'll do the hard part for you and explain along the way) and sign. 

And then there’s more waiting...more keeping your lips sealed, more containing the excitement you want to blurt out and have the entire world hear.

And then there’s today. Sharing my news with you!

I’ve signed with Bloomsbury Spark and will be working with Meredith Rich to make my New Adult Contemporary Romance shine. LOVE ME CRAZY will be available Summer, 2016, perfect timing for this southern summer romance.