#ListifyLife challenge organized by roni loren: grab your pen, it's a go!

listifylife challenge roni loren

The fabulous Roni Loren and her friend (and graphic designer) Sierra Godfrey came up with an awesome tribute to listing...because who doesn't like to list things! I'm a notorious lister so jumping on-board with this #listifylife challenge was a no-brainer. (I'll add that to my list of weekly to-dos.) And the best part? It's once a week! That means you have six days to list and one day to post. Easy-peasy.

Here's the calendar of themes for the next thirteen weeks. Join on your social media of choice, show your list and let the fun begin! (Or take a look at what other fellowlisters have come up with on instagram using the hashtag #ListifyLife.


My Listing In General...

I do believe my love for listing has something to do with my Type A personality. My inlaws still joke about how I had a list for everyone in the entire wedding party, even the groomsmen and my soon to be mother and father-in-laws. I got asked this a plenty...

listing listifylife roni loren camden leigh


Well, yeah! If you want things done, you put it on paper. So thinking about my love for lists made me realize I may be a bit over-the-top when it comes to my lists, and it may have something to do with my collection of colored pens, pencils, markers, paints, fabrics and papers, which in turn probably led me toward earning my art degree.

Growing up, even as a kid, I'd see a pack of something colorful, all neatly packaged and just so that I'd save up to buy it myself or beg for it. I had collections of washi tape from the sanrio store unopened because it was just too dang pretty to ruin.

I had this exact set. So about to buy these...

I had this exact set. So about to buy these...

I buy packs of paper and it tortures me so to rip into it and break the professional code to packaging.

I covet my pens and stickies, hoard them away so my kids won't steal them and go bananas when something on my desk is out of place. 

This...ALL...leads to listing. Neat rows. Neat stacks. Neat little letters (not so much, I have terrible handwriting) on perfect little lines.

Translation? ORDERLY. Sub-translation: LISTY

There isn't a room in this house that doesn't have a list in it: laundry, groceries, books, kids' chores, my chores, honey-do-pretty-please, dad-to-do-when-you-visit, shop for, drop off, library and so forth.

listing listifylife challenge roni loren camden leigh

So why not do it for fun, right? Use this as an excuse to drive on down to the nearest supply store and stock up on listing supplies and see what lists you can add to Roni Loren's #ListifyLife Challenge!

Hope to see you there!

roni loren listifylife challenge camden leigh