#ListifyLife Challenge: Favorite Drinks

The best part about summer drinks are how refreshing they can be! This weeks #ListifyLife challenge is to list favorite drinks. Here's mine, with links!

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Polar Springs Seltzer Water

I have to start with this addictive stuff. If Polar Spring's plan was to make plain old H2O a drag, they succeeded because I can't live without flavored seltzer water. I've tried many different kinds and still think Polar Springs is the best because it truly is zero everything on the label but 100% tasty. The other brands either have sodium or some form or artificial sweetener in it that makes me dump it out after one swallow. My favorites, Georgia Peach (of course), Grapefruit and Mixed Berry. And for something a little reminiscent of Sonic, I mix the Lime seltzer with cranberry juice and pour over chipped ice. DELICIOUS!


I grew up drinking this bright red (probably dye-laden) carbonated cherry classic of North Carolina. So good. So sweet. Such a great reminder of home.







Gosling's Ginger Beer (And their signature Dark N' Stormy Cocktail)

Spicy. Cold. Fizzy. Delicious. It puts ginger ale to shame and if you need a cocktail, I highly suggest the Dark N' Stormy.





Ginger Peach Tea

I suppose the theme here should be ginger and peach because all my favorite drinks have both. I'm hardly ever without one or the other. In the winter or when I'm sick, I like hot tea and The Republic of Tea offers it in decaf, so I can drink it all day. Love this stuff!





Jamba Juice: Peach, Ginger & Honey Smoothie

Orgasm in a cup. Couldn't get enough. Thank you Jamba Juice in the Las Vegas airport! I saw peach on their standard menu, and I saw ginger, but nothing combining the two. Low and behold they customized me a smoothie and all I have to do is hear "Jamba Juice" and I'm cutting to the front of the line. SO GOOD!!!!






The Chic Site - Lava Flow Recipe

The Chic Site - Lava Flow Recipe

Strawberry Colada (Lava Flow)

Hawaii isn't Hawaii without a pina colada in hand. Add strawberry and let the Lava Flow. Love this refreshing drink. Perfect blind of cold, strawberries and coconut. Fresh is better....isn't it always? Click the image below to visit "The Chic Site" and try out their recipe!






Spiced Chai

I'm sold on chai. For latté chais, Panera has a good one with Starbucks coming in second. But what I really enjoy are mixes with blended spices. The spicier the better.And more tea-like than lattes. My mother sent me a blend for my birthday. At first, I was all...is this potpourri or do you drink it? It wasn't labeled and, well, it could be potpourri in a coffee bag knowing her (reusing everything from coffee containers to bread bags). When she confirmed it was drinkable, I steeped a cup. So here's the warning... if strong smells give you headaches like they do me, this will blow your mind (quite literally). I thought I was on my death bed because the smell was so strong. I had a migraine for two days. The next time I made it I used a lidded cup and kept it capped while it steeped and while I drank it and it was so good! SO SO SO good. Think I'll make a cup now... The flavor I have is Maharaja by Teavana.

photo by: may I have that recipe

photo by: may I have that recipe

Southern-style Sweet Iced Tea

Because I moved up north and don't have access to sweet tea like I did at home (unless I make it and I never have time), when I do go home, I can't sleep. Like seriously, the caffeine keeps me up all night, all day...for weeks. It takes several days to get me off the sugar/caffeine high. I always regret drinking so much but I can't help but down a cup when offered. Or two.  Now true southern tea isn't unsweetened with sugar added. Oh, no. Don't get me started on how many times I've been offered packets.  Sweet tea must be sweetened during the brewing process where the boiling temperature can melt the sugar completely. Click photo for an accurate recipe by: rattherbeswimmin'



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