The Evolution Series :: LOVE ME CRAZY :: Part 10 (of 10)

PHOTO CREDIT:  Copperhead

PHOTO CREDIT: Copperhead

My favorite scene got cut...but I WILL use it one day. 

Let’s just say it involved Quinn, Cassidy, a copperhead, a bucket of blackberries and firearms. The fiasco was pulled straight from my childhood. Blackberries bushes are a trigger for this memory of mine. We had loads of wild berries growing behind our house...behind a barbed wire fence. And snakes are everywhere in the summer. Put berry picking and a snake in the same scene, and there's bound to be chaos. Alas, this favorite story of mine got cut. The flow works better in this particular story, but that scene, my lovelies, will appear somewhere at some point!

I hope you enjoyed this series and getting to know the characters, the behind the scene tidbits and where some of my ideas came from.

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