The Evolution Series :: LOVE ME CRAZY :: Part 7 (of 10)

PHOTO CREDIT:  Nostalgia


That Damn Negative Developing Reel...

Did you know Quinn’s darkroom skills came from my personal experience? I’m not going to say I was exceptional…or even great. I sure as heck couldn’t get the negative strip fed into the roll (the silver coiled spools on the left) in a pitch black room, but once I figured it out, I LOVED developing my own photographs. It was soothing, quiet and dark. Perfect for a summertime hobby. Perfect place for escape. Perfect for Quinn.

The darkroom was Quinn's sacred space growing up, a place no one could bother him and a place to think. In the darkroom scene in LOVE ME CRAZY, Kat joins him and plays with a practice strip of negative and attempts threading it on a developing reel but can't get it to start (the hard part). If you've never tried it, it's a pain in the ass. This is the one part of developing that has to be done in pitch black. No orange light. The idea is to thread the negative between the coils so it doesn't touch itself. If there's contact, there won't be a photograph there, just a smudge.

Here's a video showing the process; however, I didn't learn on a spool with something to catch the holes along the side of the negative like he shows (that would've been too easy) and remember, you have to do it in complete darkness.

Next week... my favorite character.



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