The Evolution Series :: LOVE ME CRAZY :: Part 8 (of 10)

PHOTO CREDIT:  Blonde Hair


Can you guess my favorite character?

Quinn would be a good guess. I’m all for the finery that is one tan, muscular (think Stephen Amell) man, and can totally imagine myself wrapping around—anyway, I digress. 

My favorite character is Kat. I love her spunk. I love her attitude. And I love when she throws the tape dispenser on the floor at the bus station. That alone is a total reflection on how she takes life. She grabs it by the balls and doesn't let go until she gets her way. Totally different from being spoiled. She had to grow up fast after Quinn and Ellie left for college. She learned to be self-sufficient in their absence. When Quinn returned, it put a kink in her internal programming, and her anger and outbursts were the result. She says what she thinks and doesn't think anything of it, whereas Ellie would shy away from insulting or hurting someone's feelings.Thank goodness best friend Wes likes to stick close to this fireball. ( Maybe one day he'll figure out how to light the fuse between them...)  Want to see who I'd pick to be Kat if LOVE ME CRAZY became a movie? Visit the Dreamcast!

Next week, flashbacks. What they were, why they disappeared and one that got cut.



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