The Evolution Series :: LOVE ME CRAZY :: Part 1 (of 10)

In the first several drafts there were seven Covington siblings.

 I love how big families work—the dynamics, the personalities. People are intriguing and can make for great stories. The Covington family started with seven siblings (shown below from eldest to youngest). I included the reason they stayed or the reason they were cut. 

  • Quinn :: The black sheep of the family remained the hero throughout all drafts, though his identity changed from the very first conceived idea... more on that in the next Evolution Fact! (Keep...for obvious (hotness) reasons.)
  • Ellie :: Quinn's twin and the most level-headed and innocent of all the Covingtons. I always pictured her as a breath of fresh-air. Summer-incarnate—sweet, warm and loving. She's the bride and remained in the story from the start. (Keep the strength; keep the love.)
  • Victoria :: Ornery, resentful and the party-pooper of the bunch. Her mannerisms and characteristics were the result of becoming the eldest when Quinn and Ellie left for college. No one wants a party-pooper around, though her story would make a good one...overcoming the crap life throws you when those you love, bail. (Cut the bitch. There's enough of that in Annabeth and the matriarch, Mrs. Covington.)
  • Meredith :: I loved her! She said what was on her mind, and typically her remarks were typically inappropriate and off-handed; however, she was quite different than Kat. Meredith also had a twin, and their primary job in the story was to show the yin and yang aspect of every situation—especially those that involved Mrs. Covington. Think good angel versus naughty angel. (Cut the yang, let Cassidy and Quinn create their own give and take in a situation. Kat easily fulfills the say-what-you-think role.)
  • Savannah :: Definitely the yin in the twin duo. She was grace, sweetness and gullibility incarnate. Shy and desperate to make everyone happy, but different from Ellie in that she was a follower. Ellie could easily fall into a leadership role, but only took that role if there wasn't anyone else to take the job.  (Cut the yin, let Cassidy and Quinn create their own give and take in a situation.)
  • Lucy :: Ahhh, rebellious Lucy who had short, pink hair just to set her mom in a tizzy and to set herself apart from her perfect, blonde sisters. Loved her. I had no intentions of having "much" of her in the first drafts, just enough to give her, her own story. (Don't cut...just make her a cousin who attends the wedding.)
  • Kat :: The youngest, spunkiest, grab-life-by-the-balls-and-stop-bitching Covington sibling. What's not to love about her? (Keep!)

And there you have it! Seven Covington siblings cut to one morphed into the cousin. Want more about the Covingtons? Visit my dreamcast.

Next week... What was the original story line? Any guesses?     


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